Am I a bored housewife? Probably so. I have a few children, some of them are getting to be grown up and until recently I was always known as the woman with the children where I live. I really need my own identity, I am no longer just the the mum of Sol, or mum of Seb or whichever child’s name you wish to insert. I am passionate about life really, came through some bad times the last few years; loss, depression, and some times people around me have been just plain cruel and hurtful. I write about whatever takes my fancy, baking, crafts, schooling, travel or just sometimes I talk rubbish. I hope you enjoy my webpage and I would love it if you take the time to get to know me.

So Much Has Happened

So much has happened since my last entry.  I have had some pretty life changing events the last few years and my once enthusiastic blogging has dwindled.  I would be interested to hear from readers if they wish me to continue, or is the advice just to give up writing and move on to something […]


Game Of Thrones

We spent a little while touring around the north of Northern Ireland. We came across some places where the Game Of Thrones was filmed. We took loads of photos, I won’t bore you with them but here’s a couple. Balintoy, which was stunning and certainly helped by the fact it was a glorious day. The […]