And I have called him Gordon.

My new cat! I have had him about three weeks now, he is starting to settle in. He’s the most depressed cat I have ever known and had been in the animal centre for two months. They said he was a stray, but judging by his behaviour he has been mistreated at some point. When I got him, he could not even lift his tail up, he was so sad. He is improving, and I have called him Gordon.

5 thoughts on “Gordon

  1. I can relate. We took in 3 rescue kittens 5 years ago. I know a professional with strays and she assured me, they’ll come around. Apparently, they had severe trauma as they were all genuine fraidy cats.
    Only one came around, and we just gave another away so she’s the only one left.

    1. That’s such a shame, I am hoping Gordon will be okay. He doesn’t hide under the sofa now, I am glad because it was hard work retrieving him.

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