Old Door – Kilclief Castle

I have a travel itinerary pencilled into my diary.

I have been ‘on tour’ around Northern Ireland. The weather has not been great and coupled with the fact that I cant jet off on a plane somewhere I have decided to explore locally. there is nothing wrong with where I live, it is a beautiful country. It has been a while since I posted many historical or scenic photographs from here. So, over the next few weeks, I have a travel itinerary pencilled into my diary.

I just happened to stumble upon an old fortified home which was built around 1412-1430. It is hard to believe such an impressive structure was built so long ago. there are plenty of older buildings around here too – however, this is Kilclief Castle. could you imagine climbing all those stairs to go to bed at night?

And not visible by looking straight on, the entrance door is very small. I am barely 5’2″ tall and my head skimmed the door frame. This little door is also suitable for, which I have not posted in the longest time. I felt it was okay to join in though.

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