Moo-ving Post About Friendship

I’m a popular girl really, I know a LOT of people, but I don’t have anyone I can call a friend.

I made some new friends today. I was out in the wild for about 6 hours, walking about, making new friends, exploring and taking photos. Other half was fishing and I agreed to come along and go for a hike around.

There’s nothing like some time alone in the country to give you a new perspective on things. Lately, and longer ago than lately, I realised I don’t have any true friends. Analysing why I don’t have any friends is difficult, it involves a lot of inward searching too. I’m a popular girl really, I know a LOT of people, but I don’t have anyone I can call a friend. Being in lockdown has been a really isolating experience for me, as I realise that no one has checked up on my well being, nor have I had anyone to check upon. Yet, my jobs, my community work, my family, all mean I am busy, and I am out mixing with people (social distance mixing) and all the time I am serving others.

However, I come home and there is no one. I have discussed this with one or two people and I have tried to modify my own purpose, and yet I still am unsure as to how this will gain me a friendship circle. I believe that I just haven’t met the right person yet. It sounds cheesy, but as in life not every person meets a partner and settles down, then not every person meets a person to be a BFF with. I have more or less come to accept my situation, one day, someone will come along that I will gel with, but in the meantime not. Why on earth did I get into this long ramble about my lack of social circle? Ah well, I’ll leave it here now… Perspective

Usually I take photos of other people, places and things. But today, I decided to use a different perspective and turn the camera around and take a photo of me.

Selfie perspective

My new friends today are fabulous, they were interested in me for who I am. They didn’t ask anything of me … would you like to meet them?

4 thoughts on “Moo-ving Post About Friendship

  1. What fabulous friends you have found, but also sending loads of hugs. So sorry none of us have checked in to see how you are doing. I wonder if some of the people immediately around you are assuming because you seem okay and have your act together that you are okay. Not a good excuse but could be the reason.

    Today, though I ask hope you are okay.

  2. I think you are right, because I spend a good deal of my time working with others I think I get overlooked. I am not complaining really, life goes on, and I enjoy what I do.

    1. Glad you are okay and that you enjoy what you do, but still tough and frustrating about the others. I experienced it quite badly after my Dad died, friends were amazing up until the funeral and then suddenly it was though because I looked and sounded okay I was okay, and noone checked in. Fortunately have an amazing hubby, but there were days when i wished someone else would just check I was okay. Thank goodness for the blogging friendships as found here, people do check in

      Sending hugs to you today, and hoping you are okay today too

      1. Thank you for taking the time to reply. And you are right … thank goodness for online friends.

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