Going Out

I used to climb over the graveyard walls and play around in the monastery

I’m that bad penny – I keep turning up. Every few mont

hs I pop in and say ‘hello’ to people here then I disappear again.

Since lockdown started my day job work has rapidly increased. It was noticed that I had certain skills and obviously some skills I didn’t know I had until I started doing some jobs. I have ended up filming every week, video editing, mailshots and a whole pile of other stuff that we didn’t know I needed to do. My workplace is having to rewrite my contract, which I get this coming week, to reflect the job I am doing now. When I started this new job back at the start of January no one knew that Coronavirus would happen. When we went down into lockdown I just stepped forward in my workplace and did stuff that needed to be done. I am so glad I did, we have made a difference to so many people.

In our country, lockdown is starting to ease, we are now allowed to meet with friends in limited numbers. A few days ago some of the stores reopened too. As of yet, I haven’t been to any stores or bought anything except online.

I hope things continue to relax now, lockdown might be almost over, just pray the virus stays away. My family are anxious to get back to work and college and get normality back. My other half has not been in work ‘officially’ since the middle of February, and my eldest son’s work has been affected too. My youngest son is off work on 80 per cent furlough pay. Only my eldest daughter and I have been able to work.

In fact last week was the first time I had gone out, with the exception of my work. Lockdown was strict and there was no point in going out and taking risks.

We went down the coast a little for a drive, it was the warmest day we had so far. Stopped at this old monastery called Greyabbey. Of course, it was closed to the public because if Coronavirus restrictions but I was able to walk through the graveyard and peer in its magnificent windows.

As a child I actually lived in this area, I used to climb over the graveyard walls and play around in the monastery. Things have changed now, you can’t climb over the walls and there’s an admission fee to get in. Ah well.

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