The Icing On Top Of The Cake

It’s a funny world we live in now. I am not sure what day I posted last, it was a few days ago, I have kind of lost track. I am not sure what days are weekends and what are weekdays. I am still working though, but my hours are upside down. I have still enjoyed my scenic walks, albeit in the evening while the village is quiet.

So my days last week consisted of filming, editing, updating websites, going into the office, zoom chats, mailshots and everything totally jumbled up. My newspaper work has ended for the time being as the newspaper I work for shut it’s doors until all this is over, the first time in 119 years it closed. My weekend consisted of pretty much the same work as I have done all week. I had assumed when we went into lockdown I would have some time off, seems that the opposite is true. I am not complaining, I quite like being able to help people in my job, it’s exciting.


In the last few days, I’ve also enjoyed some baking time, I made some more bread for my family to enjoy today. I currently can’t give any away for fear that if I have something I might spread it along. Terrible world isn’t it. I also finally iced my Christmas cake, I made it at the start of December but felt it was too soon to eat it at Christmas. And the Christmas Cake brings me on to today’s instalment of squares by Becky. This cake has icing on top, does that count?


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