Pable Season 2 Is Finally Ready To Air

Today was an exciting day for my daughter Sol. The last couple years she has been doing voice acting for a Tv show, they have spent months putting it together. Previously I hadn’t revealed what the show was, but now I will.

Today we were at the Launch of Season 2 of Pablo. Pablo is a groundbreaking animated children program on Cbeebies, it has gone worldwide and is now on Netflix, NatGeo, Universal and more. All the actors and writers have some form of Autism and that is what makes it special. So the first episode of season 2 will be shown in Monday, but today, at the launch we got to watch it. Sol plays one of the main characters in the first episode and was really excited to hear her voice as an animated character. She is in a number of episodes and plays several characters and no doubts I will share as they roll-out of the next few months.

4 thoughts on “Pable Season 2 Is Finally Ready To Air”

  1. absolutely fabulous. what a great thing for sol to be involved with. i hope this leads to lot more work for her and an outlet for her creativity. big hugs from me 🙂

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