Back To The UK (photo just for fun)

Well, I’m back. I’ve been back a good few days now, but playing catch up. I had tried to post when I was in Turkey, but I got my IP blocked with WordPress or whoever. I didn’t chase anyone to get me unblocked, I guess WordPress picked up a foreign sign in and went, uh oh, no. I am thankful that security was good, a mere minor annoyance as it meant that I didn’t spend time online.

I have a ton of updates and photos to share, so watch this space, I will update as I can. I might use the photo projects as a way to share everything, that will be fun.

Work is quiet for me this week, I am glad about that. A big job I had on has been changed… Long story for that and probably a boring one so I won’t share.

My eldest son, Maggeo, has left home this week to go study in Scotland, he will be back in a few weeks for some of his things, but its going to be tricky as his new job will take up his weekends. It has been hard for me, he’s 23, and like any parent I have to go through the transition if having someone for 23 years then waking up and realising that they are no longer there. Everyone has offered platitudes like telling me that there is facetime and phone calls, I know that they exist and do use them. It is still hard.

My two middle children started college for the first time, last week when we got back. Seb took to it like a duck to water, Toni is going to take a little time to settle down It’s just Sol in the house during the day. She’s a good girl and a little dream when it comes to getting her lessons and work done, don’t tell her I said that! Her hand is doing good her occupational therapy has paid off on it and she has most of her movement back. I will try share photos, but it is left with a deformity which I am not pleased about. Surgery is something to consider, but at least she doesn’t need to for movement. I can’t believe it was such a trip to get her this far. She feels it sensitive to the cold air when she goes out and asked me to get her some decent gloves for the winter.

I’m glad to be back and looking forward to reading everyone else’s updates too.

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  1. Here there Amanda 🙂 looking forward to the photos and posts. it dose take a bit of time to get used to not having a house full. I am quite enjoying having an empty nest to do whatever i want. ever so glad you enjoyed your time away and hope that another bit of work comes your way. chat soon x

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