Mix Ups

I seem to disappear for several days and then make a catch up post. I know that’s okay in the grand scheme of things, but I feel FOMO doing it this way.

I guess my updates are going to be a jumble, so sorry if you think they are out of sequence.

Since I last posted the wonderful cat picture of my baby Walter drinking from the kitchen tap I have been busy. I was working a job the last two weeks which had a deadline so I couldn’t lift my head. In the middle of it, my brand new computer died! Well, it’s almost brand new, it is four months old. I went back and forth with that and it set me behind schedule for my work. Eventually I had to package my computer up and ship it to the manufacturer in Poland. It’s an MSI 27inch all-in-One computer so it’s a huge, hefty, beast and that was not a fun item to pack. I have not heard otherwise so I am assuming it got to its destination safely for repair. Now I just have to wait.

Sol, poor, poor Sol, her hand has been bad. I’m going to share her most recent X-ray so you can see, this was taken last week. I was told NOT to share her X-rays on social media or anything so I may actually take it down again once you have seen it. She does need that plate in her hand, it isn’t healing. Don’t know when it’s going to happen, we are hoping to even get the cast off soon as she’s been in a cast and/or splints for two months now. I hate this, I just do, and to think that this could have been all avoided if someone would have manipulated the broken bone on the very first day.

We are counting down for our travels into Turkey again in less than two weeks time, another reason why Sol needs that wretched cast off before we leave. We will be just going off to get away from here and soak up some sun and a little bit of culture. I am already planning my next trip as well, I am leaning toward Marrakech and probably in December, flights are cheap just now so it’s looking like that might just happen.

There’s been a few local events I’ve been involved in too. There was a festival in my village and I helped organise an event on the same day. Also hosted a coffee morning last week, that’s my community work done for a while (maybe).

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