Seven Months – Squares, Plaster, Baking, New Look, Everything All In One

It’s the start of August, can you believe that? Seven months of the year over and done with already.

So this Past month I did the July squares challenge by Becky B, it was lots of fun. I posted every day on my site except yesterday and I was disappointed that I missed one day after all that effort. I have to congratulate Becky for being a great sport and hosting the fun challenge.

What did I do last month? Well, I was been busy creating and writing. My day job is writing lots of things. I have a weekly column in a local newspaper, it’s nothing glamorous, just interesting. I am editor for the quarterly four page newsletter for our local area which goes out to every house in the area. I am also the new editor for another 50 page magazine which is published both in hard copy and online. Both the local newsletter and magazine are out this month, so I am currently working, working, and working. In addition to the writing I offer digital services such as Facebook advertising for a small handful of companies.

To make life a little more interesting I was approached by a company to do product testing for newly released products. The company had seen my honest reviews of products I had purchased before and decided that I’d be good to join their ranks. These products are varied in nature, but so far have all been very good quality. I have watched people on YouTube and wondered where they get all their free stuff from – now I know. My job is to write a full and honest review on the products and publish it on Amazon and the like. In return, I get to keep the products for free and have some fun in the process. I have to separate my work and my personal website, so please don’t worry, I am not going to spam a single person here, however I am happy to share the low down on my spoils now and then if anyone comments to say they are interested.

It is Sol’s birthday this weekend, we are planning on a little family get together for her. She wants to go see the latest Toy Story movie too, so that might just happen. She’s back in a plaster cast. She seems to have re-broken her hand and now will be in plaster till at least the 23rd of this month, that will have been eight weeks with her hand out of action. She’s disappointed, because last week we thought it would only be for another ten days. The doctor reviewed her X-rays and he has decided she really needs this. It has been such a long time for her and she’s feeling down about it all, her birthday is a welcome distraction.

Tomorrow is a community coffee morning held in our church halls. Every Saturday through the summer a different family or pair host the the coffee morning. Tomorrow is our turn and I have been flat out baking and preparing the last few days. I had a culinary disaster regarding the mars bar squares where I added in too much butter, but in general everything has come out perfect. I need to just get through it and by lunch time tomorrow it’s all over for another year. Tiring, but fun or should I say fun, but tiring.

You may have noticed the other day I dropped in a sneaky photo of me onto one of my blue square posts. I was wondering if anyone would comment, but they didn’t. After many years of having very long hair I had it all cut off; it is a big deal for me. I am loving my new look, so many people have commented on how much younger I look. I think they are all just being very kind, I do feel good with it though. My three younger children had objected quite loudly prior to me having it done, they have fixed feelings. The eldest child was away for three weeks in Florida so I didn’t tell him. He came home the day after I had it cut and I had hid in the kitchen when he arrived home so that he could get all his greetings to everyone else out of the way. He walked in and stopped dead in his tracks, said “oh my word!” Then after a few different looks of shock and confusion on his face he said “mum, you look so old”. That was it, shot down in flames, my new found confidence gone in twenty seconds. Nothing like one of your children to bring you back down to earth with a huge, big, hard, bump.

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  1. Don’t listen to him. You look fab Amanda. I shall write when I can. You certainly have been busy. Good on you for getting the work. Don’t wear yourself out X

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