Slidey Blue & A Lil Update

A thought for today is that life should be fun, sometimes it’s not. For those who want fun, here is my #julysquares #blue entry.

Life isn’t fun for Sol right now. Remember she broke her hand and I flipped at the lack of treatment she had. Well, she’s back in a cast. She had a second opinion and was put in a custom made splint. She was also was getting occupational therapy for her fingers. As of today her X-ray shows either it’s not healing or she’s broken it a second time, most likely the first.

Sol had been hesitant taking the surgery when it was offered as she wanted to try get best results before they operated. Looks like that may not be a decision she will make, it might be something she has to do. She’s back in a cast now for the next ten days to see if her brake will stabilise and then we have to make a decision on what to do. Poor girl. She’s heartbroken, she’d have thought she would have been out of her splint this week and have some normality back. It all boils down to the fact her bone was not manipulated on the day she had her accident; none of this would be an issue if someone had done their job properly.

8 thoughts on “Slidey Blue & A Lil Update”

  1. I like your slide photo! Very summery!
    I wish your girl was having a better summer, though. We all want the best for her.
    When my daughter was young she broke her right arm two different times, both in the summer. It sure put a damper on her summer fun, too.

    1. Bonnie, it’s hard because she’s so upset about it. My heart is aching for her. Sol’s number one passion in life is art, she draws all day every day usually and a month (so far) of not being able to hold a pencil has been agonising. They gave her a special tool to use with her splint but now she’s in this new cast it’s not going to work.

  2. loving the photo, but sending loads and loads of hugs to you and sol. hope when you have the energy you are able to follow it up with the first place, and at least get an apology

    1. I think their procedures should be different for a start. Sol’s hand should have been such an easy thing to treat, it’s just a little bone and it’s such common injury.

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