Blue Signs

There’s an interesting enchanted tale on Becky’s blue page. It’s July, and all the #blue posts need to be square, #julysquares.

I was out for a run earlier this week and I was feeling tired, just like this tired looking sign that I saw on my route.

This ‘Highway to Health’ post also qualifies for SonOfABeach’s Which Way challenge.

As I continued on my way, I thought I ought to slow down … the sign told me to do so.

On another note, it was my wedding anniversary yesterday. I can tell you that we are 16 years wedded! We didn’t do anything special to mark the day, our house was overrun with workmen. We had the final day of the drain work happening, plus a guy down to fix our internet. In case he’s reading or anyone who works for BT, the internet guy was one arrogant piece of work. That’s all I am saying 😡.

7 thoughts on “Blue Signs”

  1. Fun signs!
    I hope your internet got fixed okay. Such a pain getting things like that done. We are sitting here waiting for the cable TV people to come fix our connections. It’s been off and on all week. Ugh!
    I like your photo! 🙂

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