Pictures On The Wall

It has been a funny old week, it is now Thursday and I feel like it should be Tuesday judging by how much work I still need to do.

We swapped all the children’s bedrooms around, I mean a proper swap where girls got boys’ rooms and the boys got the girls’ rooms. It was a mammoth four day task.

Sol had some more occupational therapy on her hand on Tuesday, she’s coming along nicely, but her fingers are scissoring underneath when she makes a fist. She’s to work on that scissoring, while waiting to see the surgeon on Monday again. Her swelling is still significant, but her custom made splint has made life a lot easier and given her movement in her wrist so she can get on with every day tasks.

Seb hurt his foot, he spent Sunday night in hospital. Thankfully it’s tissue damage and no broken bones, he’s still hobbling around somewhat. They said he will get better in two weeks. Meanwhile, I am wondering what else can go wrong with my children now I have two injured.

I have been working plenty on my paid work this week, I have a lot on over the next few weeks.

It’s other half’s birthday tomorrow so I a, gonna bake today when I get the chance too.

I think I have talked enough, here is my #julysquares entry for today.

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  1. Love your July squares today, but on my what a week you have had!!! Sounds like you may need to wrap everyone in lots of cotton wool for the remainder of the year.

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