4 thoughts on “Y is for Yarn”

  1. Bonnie Hawkins

    I love to crochet but hand and wrists are unable to now. I love all the stitches that create lovely things. :))

    1. I love to crochet, last year I made 16 blankets amongst other things. I am currently working on a large blanket, it’s almost finished so I’ll be posting it soon.

  2. I crochet on occasion. It’s great therapy. It took me a long time to learn, but after I did I realized how creative I could get with a bunch of great yarn colors, which I love to shop for.

    My very favorite experience with yarn occurred when I was visiting a friend In New York State. I got to visit with a group of older ladies who sit together, crochet, or knit and chat. I told them about people living with dementia that I visit and they volunteered to box and mail me some of their finished products [like lap blankets] which I then gifted In their names to my peeps. How sweet! 🙂

    1. Wow, those ladies were generous. Shopping for yarn is as addictive as crocheting, don’t you think. It seems that more is better 🤣.

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