Blue In More Ways Than One

These are old photographs from two different trips, ones that actually didn’t make the grade for official photos. Both have blue skies and seas that feature in them, but both have an accidental blue foreground

These are old photographs from two different trips, ones that actually didn’t make the grade for official photos. Both have blue skies and seas that feature in them, but both have an accidental blue foreground image. #julysquares,#blue.

Further updates about Sol! This might be the last one for a few days, I seem to be writing about little else and his week. We had our second opinion appointment yesterday morning, Sol got an immediate referral to see a specialist surgeon the same day. She was in to see the hand specialist in the afternoon, which was amazingly fast.

He explained that she could have had a little local anaesthetic injected on day one and her bone would have been manipulated into place quite easily. As it wasn’t, it’s now sitting at a 45 degree angle and has started to grow new bone so we do not have that as an option anymore.

However the hospital didn’t do wrong per say, because leaving such an injury is also an option that some doctors take (apparently), however as she is 13 and it is her dominant hand someone should have really thought it through better. I am not overly happy about that.

We have three options now, and none are immediate.

Option 1 is to have surgery soon and put a plate in her hand.

Option 2 is to wait till she stops growing and do the surgery in approximately four years.

Option 3 is to do nothing and live with the knuckle deformity, but work and get full movement back.

It is also a thing that Sol seems to be unable to move her fingers and it is preferable that she should. The surgeon has arranged for her to have some occupational therapy sessions with the first one being today.

We don’t have to decide on a surgical option until the 22nd July, and while you might think surgery is the best option that is not necessarily the case. Everything has been explained to me very clearly now and I feel so much happier with this path we are on. The OT sessions will influence our decision on whether to go down the surgical route and we have time to think now.

On a side note, the surgeon said that he hates that some hospitals have adopted this one-stop-shop fracture clinic process, it means the cases like ours get neglected and people like Sol end up unhappy with the outcome. Sol’s injury was an everyday injury too, it’s not like it was something uncommon. He said that one extra appointment would be all that it would take for people to be able to make an informed decision about the correct treatment path.

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  1. That’s a bit of good news of sorts. i think you are doing the right thing and i hope that ot will help her. i hope sol doesn’t have any pain associated with the break. four years isn’t that long to try and get her hand going as well as she can and continue with her art. hugs from me please Amanda 🙂

    1. It’s great news today, I can’t believe the first hospital was going to leave her hand the way it was. She did great at her first OT session today. Turned out the first place had put her in a wrist splint which would have not done her much good. The OT custom made a hand splint and said that and the movements she’s to practice might even help encourage her own body to heal in a better shape, it also means she can move her wrist and be a little bit more normal. I have her xrays now too, but I’m not allowed to publicly post them … the person who gave me them said she wasn’t meant to give them to me. Her break isn’t huge in the big scheme of life, but it mattered enough that it needed looking at. Thank you for the encouragement. And thanks for the hugs ☺️, I’ve told her about my Australia friend.

      1. So happy for Sol. We get the same greetings here with our hospitals here, especially if we are on government care as many are my age. I love the pictures. Blessings for the treatments.

  2. I just despair of how the NHS is going with this one stop clinics, they are great for something things but not everything. And with resudinc resources it just makes it all worse. I am so so glad you kept going and that things are now beginning to look much better

    If you have the energy I would formally complain.

    and btw you have the right to have copies of the xrays, in fact you have the right to have access to all the notes. They maybe a small charge for copying and maybe a small delay whilst they check them before sharing, but you have the right.

    PS brilliant blue squares

    1. Thank you Becky. I might complain, at least write a letter in where they are forced to respond. Her break wasn’t even a huge deal in the grand scheme of things, they just needed to treat her properly, it’s not like we were asking for a lot.
      Her OT treatment is private now, we are entitled to claim 6 sessions as the surgeon has recommended OT. So far everyone has been on our side over this. I had asked twice for her xrays and were told I have to go through proper channels and supervised too, I wasn’t allowed to take photos either when I asked about that 😡. The surgeon accessed her NHS notes and the OT was given copies so she let me photograph them with my phone.

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