On Top Of The World

Not quite on top of the world, on top of a mountain. This is a photo from December last year, I love the set of photos it’s from. It’s for the #julysquares #blue challenge.

As you can see it’s Sol, minus a plaster cast.

I spoke to the hospital staff yesterday about the management of her broken hand and they said quite simply “we don’t do anything for broken hands, did you not get given a leaflet?” and no I wasn’t given a leaflet. They just support the break and let them heal which ever way they land. So they said, we will leave a leaflet at the desk for you to pick up, which I duly did. And sure enough the leaflet said that there will be shortening of the bone and maybe a knuckle will be less prominent. I was just not happy with accepting that, without knowing for sure that that is the final answer, so I called my insurance company.

The health insurance people had a whole different attitude. They got a doctor to call me back and the doctor explained that although she couldn’t help, she suggested she speak to a different doctor and either arrange a further X-ray or MRI. And that’s all I ask, is that someone actually takes the time to double check. Of course it is now the weekend, we have a video appointment for 8:20am on Monday morning with the expectation that we can get a new X-ray or examination that same day. By then a week and half will have gone by since Sol’s accident, but at least we can try. If they say that’s all that can be done, I will know that we tried. Sol has a promising career in art, it’s her right hand which has this ‘angulated fracture’, damn sure I am not leaving this till I know I have done everything. Thank you to my friends here who encouraged me to make that call. ❤️❤️

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  1. Gorgeous photo of her . . .and what a bizarre leaflet to have! Really hope the next set of drs and scans come up with a better outcome for her and you. I wonder if any of the drs who wrote that leaflet would accept that outcome for themselves!

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