It Takes All Sorts Of Topics …

I can’t imagine that I could have foretold, that one day the picture I took in a bathroom in Antalya,would come in useful one day. Before I explain further this is for CB&W challenge.This week the topic is Bathrooms,  Outhouses, Portages-Potty.   I was sitting scratching my head, thinking that it’s not something I usually photograph. However one memory came to mind, I was in Antalya Airport and I was busting to go pee and I ran into the ladies bathrooms and encountered a strange looking toilet. I stood there wondering how I could possibly use it without getting my clothes wet, there’s nothing to hold on to while you arrange yourself over the target. I suddenly didn’t need to go potty after all. I never got to figure it out, being a westerner I guess this is something I don’t see in my every day life.

So go on, have a laugh at my expense and my pure ignorance as to how others live.

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