Sol’s Blue Update

It’s July and that means #julysquares, I won’t be too #blue as I will share a little update as well.

Some of you may know that Sol broke her hand last week. She has an angulated fracture of a metacarpal, I saw the X-ray and it wasn’t pretty in my opinion. She was in a cast which was large and clunky, much to her dismay. We went yesterday to get her hand checked and the doctor said they can’t fix the bone and she has to live with it. It means her hand will be slightly misshapen forever, but she will still be able to make a fist and move it once it’s healed. I am not sure what to think, I would have thought that they couldn’t fix her bone somehow. Is this a normal thing to leave a broken bone skewed off to the side? It’s something I am going to try to get more information about. Anyway, she’s in a splint for the next month, she was praying that the cast would come off and she could draw again but the splint is no easier. It’s going To take a little time for her, she’s still very upset over the whole ordeal.

Onward to the Blue square I have promised you. Whilst we were parking at the hospital I couldn’t help but notice the blue parking fee machine. So here it is, my #blue #julysquare.

As a bonus, here’s another blue square, the seats in the waiting room at the fracture clinic.

8 thoughts on “Sol’s Blue Update”

  1. OK The Doctor is bullshitting. My bestie broke her metacarpal, they let the swelling go down and she had an operation to insert a screw to realign the bone. Do it quick before the bone wont be able to realign
    hugs to sol x

    1. Thankyou. I was consider the fact that’s NHS doctor that they are saying that. It has been over a week now so I am going to seek a second opinion.

      1. The fact it is NHS shouldn’t affect it, sounds more like you have a dr with insufficient experience as Brian’s response makes much more sense. you have the right to second opinions . . . . do they had a hand specialist? Most orthopaedic surgeons specialise these days and you need one who mostly does hands.

        1. btw thank you so much for taking the time to find blue squares and post whilst you and your daughter are coping with all of this.

  2. Bonnie Hawkins

    I agree with BushBoy. The Dr. is lazy and doesn’t want to be bothered. Such is NHS everywhere.:*(

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