Three Is More Than A Number

Three is the topic of CFFC, Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge.

Also it’s FOTD challenge, plus Nancy Merrill photo a week challenge.

That is the total of three photo challenges in one post too!

You’ve seen this photo already this week, three cacti plants.

It’s bad enough losing your head once, but three times?

I found this really random photo on my phone, I was annoyed that someone left three dirty spoons laying out. I knew that photo would come in handy one day.

Three flowers. Crocus.

Finally, three children who refuse to pose for a photograph.

2 thoughts on “Three Is More Than A Number”

  1. Oh what a marvelous gallery of 3s for this week. I really like the crocus and spoon photos of yours.s

    1. Thank you, the spoons got me mad that day and I am glad now I took it, you never k ow when random shots come in handy.

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