White Flowers FOTD

This is today’s entry of FOTD. I salvaged this pot out of a bin which is outside the garden centre. All the old pots get thrown in and you are invited to take whatever you like. I spotted this one and just knew I had to have it, it’s perfect sitting outside my house.

6 thoughts on “White Flowers FOTD”

  1. I love Alyssum (Lobularia maritima), sometimes called Sweet Alyssum or Sweet William ( also known as ‘Carpet of Snow’ as in the right climate, they will self-seed and spread across garden beds making a mass of these sweet smelling, white flower balls!) 🙂

    I have loads of them in my garden and although our really hot dry summer’s don’t suit them well they always come back in late winter/early spring and last for as long as they are well watered. They make great pot plants also, but their seeds will blow everywhere if you place them above ground level.

    1. I think we don’t have a concern with hot dry summers here! I just have mine in lots and window boxes, my garden is a whole different thing.

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