Realisation of Change

There comes a point in your life where something has happened to make you realise how things have changed. For us this very thing this month.

The two middle children, in September, will no longer be home educated. They are both starting at the local college to begin their next level of education. This of course means that there is only one child in our house who will still be schooled at home. It has had a huge emotional impact on all of us. It’s a sign that a large role in my life is about to change too.

I am welcoming this transition for the children, I am at the point where I have done enough home education with my family. I’ve had my fill! I loved it. I do not regret a single thing and would not change anything if I turned the clocks back. However, despite all that I am ready to move on. The last child will be staying at home for two more years, but she is an absolute dream to school. She’s at the point where she mostly works on her own anyway, there won’t be the huge input from me as there was when I had four children round the home school table.

Speaking of tables, that is the other thing which had a large emotional impact on us this week. Who would have thought that an inanimate object such as a table, give you cause for much thought.

Our dining table was quite large, once extended it could sit eight to ten people reasonable comfortably. We’ve had nine around it at Christmas time with no issues at all. When it’s in it’s folded state it seats six. With all the years of kids drawing and playing at the table it had gotten rather dog eared. It was time for a change.

We bought a smaller table! It opens out to a larger size but the table definitely fits in the room better and is just perfect. Come September it will only be Sol doing her work at the table and as the children have gone on to do other activities less of them are seated at meal times. It’s kind of a milestone, don’t you agree?

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