Apologies For The Multiple Notifications

My goodness, I was bombarded with tons of emails from my own website and I know you were too. For that I apologise, and let you know that they were not the result of hacking or some weird spam stuff.

I was messing around with my themes and WordPress published a brand new theme, not tested yet so I thought it would be an especially good idea to try it out. That ended up being a mistake, as it placed a ton of weird menus and links to the theme authors site. What I also didn’t realise till later is that it also made a stack of demo posts and posted them into my page too. They were all old dates, so took me some time to go through and delete them, but infuriatingly my followers also got a lot notifications saying I had posted new material.

I did get a chuckle as a few of these fake posts got some likes, it just shows that it doesn’t matter what you post about, people still click like.

2 thoughts on “Apologies For The Multiple Notifications”

    1. I wonder if everyone was reading and understanding the Latin, because I sure couldn’t decipher it.

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