Side, Greek Amphitheatre (Amphitheater)

Pull up a seat challenge by xingfumama. I have to share this view because it is where I have visited this week, it’s relevant to the challenge too. This Amphitheatre seated 15000 people in its day. It was hard to comprehend just how many that would be when I visited. This is the second amphitheatre I have been to and both were an amazing experience.

To appreciate the vastness of this structure, look carefully in the mid right of the first photo I have posted you will see three of my children seated. I can scarcely imagine the roar of the crowd as they watched the gladiator fights.

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  1. I find these structures amazing. SO much work to build. I do wonder whether the people who built them had any idea how long they would last, and what they would think of life today.

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