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The weekly CFFC is eyes.

In our house eyes are an important thing. My youngest child was born with nystagmus and she was cross eyed. Testing showed that she also had a blind spot in the centre of her left eye. At about nine months old, the doctors informed us that Sol would be registered as partially sighted at best and possibly blind at worst. They told us that if we could imagine an A4 page and a single letter written on it, that will be the size of the letters that she would need in order read. I didn’t accept the diagnosis. While this was happening I had to fight to get my youngest son tested because I was sure he couldn’t see either. He coped so well and the doctors doubted he had issues. I asked them to humour me and it was discovered, at three years old, that my son needed the strongest glasses too. He had been unable to talk also, his vision was holding him back from that also. Since we got him sorted he hasn’t stopped talking since.

Anyway we fought for my daughter, fought to get her treated and eventually she had surgery to straighten her eyes. Her nystagmus settled without intervention and miraculously straightening her eyes seems to help her more than anyone had predicted. She can see well with her glasses on, she still has the blind area in her left eye and she will need more surgery to insert lenses into her eyes once she’s stopped growing. But Sol can see, she certainly isn’t needing to be registered as partially sited. She’s an amazing artist at her young age and she is borderline good enough for being able to drive when she’s the right age too, which is awesome.

Here eyes are beautiful.

Her other eyes are cute.

Scary eyes.

Furry eyes.

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  1. Ty. Sweetie. My Great-Grand (girl, name Harper) has this problem and at Age 1.5 is wearing glasses and was told that if not being helped would need surgery. You have given me hope. Love in our Christ.:)

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