Travel Time

I have been blessed with an adventurous soul, two days ago I got itchy feet. I’m not talking literal itchy feet, but itchy as in the urge to go roaming. I had travelled to Turkey last September and had been to the Canary Islands in December, I had been to Ireland a few times in between too. I have flights to Turkey in September booked again, but Turkey is a huge country. There are parts of Turkey I am desperate to see.

There are Ancient Greek ruins, lots of them. In the ancient town of Side there are ruins dating back to the 2nd century and an impressive almost intact amphitheatre which dates to the 5th century.

So yesterday I managed to get flights booked to go see these amazing wonders for myself. The ruins are everywhere around the area and there are huge waterfalls to be seen too. The town of Side (pronounced Sid-ee) has a lot to offer. I’m flying out next week and I will make the most of every minute I have there.

These photos are borrowed from the internet, I hope no one minds me using them.

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