The photo challenge by Dutch Goes The Photo is technology. Although technology is everywhere it’s something that I haven’t made a point of photographing very often.

When I think about what I use technology for it is EVERYTHING, it’s my life. All day, I’m working and using technology, when I am not working I am using technology around the house. When I cook I use technology, you should see my kitchen gadgets. When I relax I use technology too. Despite my almost 18/7 use of technology I have not got an extensive library of photos. Here’s a few though…

At a concert, isn’t it amazing the effects on stage.

Another concert, same artist and he requested that everyone lights up their phones. Look at how many phones everyone had.

My own technology, a dinky little keyboard that I have for my iPad.

This is my latest toy, it’s sat on a little table while I was building up my new desk. I am just loving my new toy.

Wearable technology, my watch tells me how much I am being lazy and when I sleep.

Finally, as I glance down at the table where some school work is happening I see several gadgets and techie items. There’s more than you think, can you count?

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