Easter Round Up

So last week was Easter, like you didn’t know. Easter is a big thing for us here, it is the celebration of Christianity. Without the death of Jesus, we would not be celebrating his birth. Anyway, Easter Sunday we were up at the most ridiculous hour in the night to go greet the sunrise on our harbour. A group of enthusiast people from our church all got up early and this is the view we were rewarded with.

In the afternoon the weather was glorious so we took a trip down the coast to our favourite secluded spot to be. Kearney Village (we are in Northern Ireland), it’s traditional style, hidden away from the world and the best bit is there is no internet or mobile phone signal there. Coincidentally I had posted photos of the same village earlier last week. So here’s so more up to date photos or our lovely day.

As we drove further to a little town called Portaferry we encountered these scenes, this was definitely a day of views.

We also found this cute painted rock near where I live, which is part of a game where you post on Facebook then rehide it.

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