Places Of Worship

I like the topic of Worship by Dutch Goes The Photo, it can be an inclusive topic or an exclusive one. Rather than focus on the act of worship I have selected a few of my favourite photographs from places of worship.

The ornate interior of this cathedral in Poznan stood out to me when I visited.

I just love visiting Iglesia de Sant Romà when I am in Spain, it’s just somewhere special in my opinion.

Another place of worship in Spain I have visited.

Closer to home, these are various places of worship I have visited.

When I travelled to Turkey last year, I visited several Mosques. I loved this one.

The robes for the ladies to wear, to cover their skin.

In another mosque, some prayer beads.

It’s important that you have the highest level of hygiene before you worship, this is where you wash prior to entering.

And the prayer that says everything. This is my fridge magnet.

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