End Of The #spikysquares

Just like Brexit then spiky squares has to come to an end, except Brexit didn’t and spikysquares has. I also will be glad to see the back of Brexit (who won’t be glad?);but I’m not glad the March squares project has ended, I wish it could continue. So, here is a number of squares to keep you going, until the next time that is.

These first squares make me laugh … they are real cacti, however someone thought it would be a good idea to glue on a fake flower and sell them. I cannot understand why anyone would think that was a good idea, the least they could have done was glued them neater and hide the evidence.

This is a fake cactus.

Next a real spiky flower.

Followed by a pineapple, which is definitely not real.

Some spiky fork photographs, but really I am drooling over the not so spiky food.

Finally, a tool used for many purposes.

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