City Scenes & Bear Seat

Yesterday I took a little trip out to Belfast. It was a funny old week and I had been stuck doing mundane things in the house and other half promised we’d get a few hours off from life.

You often don’t realise the beauty that surrounds you, I guess I am lucky where I live. This is Belfast City Hall, lit up in magnificent glory.

Around Belfast there are plenty of good shops, though sadly one recently burnt to the ground and has created issues for people moving from one part of the shopping area to another.

What do you think of this rocket! Totally made from balloons, it wasn’t hard to miss.

Victoria Square has a viewing dome where you can travel up into and see views of the city. I didn’t go up to look this time but I did stand under and admire the view of the dome.

This is the central staircase and lift shafts. Note the multi coloured sheep that have wandered in.

And whilst I am on the subject of shopping, I met a rather large bear while I was out on my travels. The bear is actually a seat, you can either sit on his hand or his leg. I didn’t try him out, I thought it was a little too weird for me. However, it fits in with the Pull Up A Seat Challenge on xingfumama blog.

In contrast to the bear, I attended a little village meeting recently. It struck me that the old chairs were like the ones we used to have at school.

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