Depth Of Field

Depth of field took me a long time to master, even now I don’t always get it right. Nancy Merrill posted a challenge, to encourage us to explore depth of friend in photography.

Here’s my efforts, with varying degrees of success.

I love the DOF in these chipmunk photographs, his set I am rather pleased with.

I then tried to recreate the same effect with a crow. I didn’t quite manage, but the photo was decent all the same. The crow was eating a chocolate biscuit.

My son manufactured this photo, not sure what he was trying to do aside from demonstrate he could build things with sand.

My daughter photographs this toy everywhere she goes, on this occasion she couldn’t climb this cliff side so I took her toy with me and photographed it myself.

Flowers are a common DOF subject, mostly because they don’t move and are pretty. This picture was a pure accident, yet it looks so false and made up. Not a single filter or effect was added to it – isn’t it unusual. The colours are true as well.

Some more flowers.

And a scarecrow from my garden.

I hope you enjoyed these photographs as much as I have. Thank-you to Nancy Merrill for giving me reason to share these.

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