Texture – CFFC

Cee’s Photo Challenge is TEXTURE. There’s so many things, the list is limitless.

I’ve got so many texture photos you will probably fall asleep, I chose these as they are some of my favourite things.

I like to crochet, I enjoy the textures or different yarns.

This is an oldie, but I love the appearance of texture in this flower.

I live near the sea so sand is a big part of our lives. Littlest child is demonstrating how the sand was clumping.

Then Seb demonstrated how it stood up in its clumps.

I like how the wind rippled the sand.

I’m a baker by nature. I love the textures of uncooked bread dough.

And different breads after they are baked have different glorious, heavenly, tasty textures.

The last one just for fun is a silky smooth, brand new eye shadow palette.

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