Play On Words

The topic from Dutch Goes The Photo is BANK.

So first thoughts are river bank …

Neither photo will win any awards for quality, the top one is in New Castle County Down and the bottom is Omagh (I think). Both in Northern Ireland.

Then I thought about going to the Bank, I had taken a picture of a clock in one a while back for the #timesquare project in December.

Then thinking about banks where you go for money things I realised I had photos of different bank notes.

These are all different banks that provide the currency in my country Which is Sterling or British Pounds.

Then there are bank notes which are from Europe and Ireland, called Euros.

And some from Turkey, the Turkish Lira.

Edited now to add in some random coin photos.

There larger ones are £2 coins.

This is a very special ten pence piece.

And a 50 pence piece, again a special one.


    1. LifeAmazing

      In Northern Ireland we use sterling mainly, but near the border of Ireland a lot of stores will take Euros too. When I was in Turkey they would take Turkish Lira, sterling or Euros which was fascinating. They aren’t equal – one British pound (sterling) is equally to €1.16 currently (Euro). And one British pound is roughly equal to 6.75 Turkish Lira.


  1. hawk2017

    Wow. Ty. I always wanted to know what other currancy looked like.:)) I love UK movies and television. I have been studying the Pound = dollar, etc. A pound is equal to 20 shillings? :))

    Liked by 1 person

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