Geometric Shapes

It’s definitely an interesting topic that Cee has given us to work with for the B&W challenge.

The topic is geometric shapes.

I loves these tiles I saw in Turkey.

And the new keyboard I just got to go with my iPad, I took a photo of it to blog about it and the photograph is perfect for the theme.

Whilst I was in Belfast a few days ago I was watching some birds having a bath in a puddle, what struck me was all the different shapes of paving along side the puddle.

I did a spot of wallpapering a while back, these are geometric perhaps.

And very uniform are the tiles in my rental property kitchen.

I hope you enjoyed my gallery today.

11 thoughts on “Geometric Shapes”

  1. Its the same with new cameras, they attract dust and you can see it only when you zoom in. Pro photographer Ming Thein has a watch company and I remember reading how much trouble he goes though to shoot them, gloves and all.

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