It Has Been An Interesting Year

It has been an interesting year … and it’s not over yet! One day to go. I’m not sure how I would sum this last year up, I know some people like to categorise events

It has been an interesting year …

and it’s not over yet! One day to go. I’m not sure how I would sum this last year up, I know some people like to categorise events and how they felt but my head doesn’t necessarily work like that. All I can say it has been varied and interesting.

On a personal level I guess this year has ended better than it started. My health is improving and I guess that’s a huge plus thing for anyone. I started the year having to get plastic surgery on my face for medical reasons. I had a lumpy bone growth and it was evicted, I am relieved to say there was nothing sinister about that. Because of my facial surgery it meant I had a gym blip so I really had to knuckle down and watch what I eat, at this point I was still recovering from my blocked oesophagus where I had been sick every day for three months. Then in June I had a further unconnected surgery, and a little blip as I required a blood transfusion which knocked me back a little. However I am now fully recovered from that and back to full fitness, I’ve had a few check ups with regard to my blood, as I do have a clotting condition that I was born with and they are happy with me. I’ve now got no more excuses for not going to the gym!

I got myself a new cat, he has settled in well and I called him Walter.

I baked a lot this year and made a point of posting a lot of my favourite recipes on my webpage. I haven’t posted any lately, I guess time constraints have caused that to happen then I got out of the way of photographing and posting my breads and things. I still bake, I’ll make some efforts to post more recipes.

I’ve been crocheting, I have made a lot of blankets for a charity. I love to crochet and found myself with no one to make anything for so I made baby blankets to keep yo my skills and relaxing hobby. I’m currently working on a bunny filet blanket, it’s not going too well as I made a mistake and had to undo some of it. When I make progress I’ll share it with you.

This was a year of television. I was in a studio audience for a political show a couple of times, my latest appearance was very prominent and my friends called us up saying “did we see you in TV.” It was just for fun!

My youngest daughter bagged herself a voice acting job at 12 years old, she’s 13 now and has done several episodes of a popular children’s TV series. Her episodes are yet to be aired because they are still showing season 1 which has over 50 episodes. My daughter is in season 2, watch this space as this UK show has recently started being shown in the USA also.

I have travelled, probably a little less than usual but this year. I went into Ireland several times, I also travelled to Turkey for two weeks and finally, last week was in Fuerteventura which is in the Canary Islands. My plans this coming year are to go to Ireland plenty (I live in Northern Ireland, people get confused but it’s a different country), I would love to go back to London, I already have flights booked to Turkey and I’m hoping to go to Spain in July and the Canaries again next December. We will see what happens, as so often life gets in the way or even will throw unexpected opportunities at you.

I have the same part time job that I started the year with, I enjoy it so that won’t change. I also have a potential new job, there are opportunities that have fallen onto my lap during the year that I am capitalising on. I spent time also creating and publishing a 27 page website for a group close to me, as a result of that I am working with another organisation bringing their website up to date and I have been given another website to do in the new year along another one that I have started which has given me lots of learning experience for my potential new job.

I also have been involved in a lot of community activities, some have come about through my church and others through village affairs. I have organised a few events, as has my other half. I hope to continue with these things, my main objective is to help others as people have helped me in my times of need. The events have been fun and I have spent time with some interesting people.

I am guessing if you have read this far you are truly interested in what I have to say. I have made some new friends by blogging this year, I made a concerted effort to update often and it has worked. I have had my website for many many years, but I haven’t always taken the time to post on it. I hope to continue and I pray that the friendships I have gained will grow with it too.

On this note I will wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Thank you for sticking by me.

13 thoughts on “It Has Been An Interesting Year

  1. I really enjoyed reading more about you. I’ll write you bacon Wednesday. Chris has off the next few days from work…and I like to spend the time with her. I’m so glad we are in touch with each other. Continued success with your health. 😀

  2. Getting to know you has been one of my great pleasures. Seeing beauty thru your eyes is so sweet. I will pray for your continued health and strength, you have gained thru the storms. I loved to crochet but have site and wrist problems now. I will continue to see the world thru your heart and learn from your young mind. Please tell me what voice over your daughter does, so I may watch for it here in USA. You may email me, if you so choose. Thank you for sharing your a part of your life with me. Love in our Christ. :))

  3. So glad to hear you are feeling better and have recovered!! I can’t imagine what it’s like to be sick everyday for a month. Hoping the new year brings you lots of good health and interesting and lucrative job opportunities.
    What a year you had with all that you did!! Love that you are donating your crocheting for babies. I’m sure that will bring many smiles to parents and babies. When my daughter was in the hospital after birth, we received a quilted blanket that volunteers made for NICU babies and it was special to receive a thoughtful gift like that in a hospital.
    Kudos to your daughter too!! Great job.
    Happy new year and wishing you a healthy and bright 2019!!

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