Time For The Sun To Set On The S.S. American Star

This post is for Becky’s #timesquare challenge, but in its own makes an interesting set of photographs regardless.

The last time I visited Fuerteventura we went to the shop wreck site of the SS American Star, this was back in 2006. (Actually I went back in 2012 for a day but in 2006 I was there for 14 days) as you can see the shipwreck was still very visible, it was so close to the shore you could imagine swimming out to it. Despite how near it looks, the water has dangerous rip tides and people drowned trying to reach the wreck. The SS American Star was wrecked in 1994 and it was decided to leave it to nature rather than salvage it. Since then the ship has slowly eroded away.

In 2006 this is what the ship looked like, apologies for the old grainy photograph, I made it into a square. The child is my now 22 year old.

On the 20th December we decided to go visit the site of the wreck, I was curious to see it again. It was a long trip along dirt roads so a secluded part of the coastline. We actually dented the front of the car on the tracks – oops.

Coincidentally it was a similar time of day to when we had visited before. While the children played and explored the rocks and surrounding area I stood on the beach and admired the view of the Atlantic Ocean. I watched the sunset, in a matter of moments the sun literally dropped out of the sky, it was so clear. I barely had time to capture it on camera, the results were not the best, but I’m sharing this wondrous moment with you anyway.

In each photograph you can see the sun grow smaller, then it is gone.

in this final photograph, if you look toward the right hand side in front of the wave roll, you can see (just barely) what is left of the SS American Star. Consumed by the ocean, never to be seen again.

A bonus photograph of my daughter playing in the sand.

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      1. It was fully comp no excess, they didn’t say anything. Also there were a few dents on the wheel arch which was on before we picked the car up ….. we didn’t make a big deal about our dent lol.

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