Cold And Warm Christmas

It’s Christmas Day and we are all just sitting around doing nothing – which is brilliant. The youngest child got up at 7:30am and the others followed at 8 o’clock. That was pretty good by

It’s Christmas Day and we are all just sitting around doing nothing – which is brilliant. The youngest child got up at 7:30am and the others followed at 8 o’clock. That was pretty good by my standards, when they were younger 4am would have happened. I guess now all of the children are teenagers they have the ‘whatever’ attitude, plus they know what ever they have received is safe. Everything is guaranteed, no one is going to take anything away so they may as well lay in bed and keep warm that little bit longer.

We went to church as usual this morning, it was a lovely family service where the children got to show off their new toys and make lots of noise and run around. The carols were uplifting and the prayer, reflective as always.

On return home my family just sat around and chatted before we enjoyed a cooked lunch. I don’t do the big Christmas dinner until Boxing Day. It’s a little tradition that I made up myself, because when the children were young they were just too tired by Christmas afternoon. There was more than one Christmas dinner ruined because everyone was sleeping in the afternoon after being up so early. Also neighbours would call in for snacks and drinks and sometimes no one was hungry. I also found I was in the kitchen all afternoon while my family enjoyed time together on the day. I didn’t like it and felt left out, when there’s dinner to be cooked and everyone has Christmas gifts you find a severe lack of helpers. Then one particular year when the whole dinner was left uneaten, I just said ‘no more wasted food for unintentionally ungrateful people’.

So now on Boxing Day the family get up at a normal time and the children are not allowed to snack on chocolates and junk. It’s almost become a bit of a ‘thing’ among friends and neighbours now, we usually have extra people to eat with us. It has been really nice, no unnecessary pressure on Christmas Day and good food that is enjoyed and rarely wasted. The dinner means more this way to all of us. Some of our neighbours have followed suit and done the same, afterwards they came to me and said ‘wow, Amanda, who would have thought’ and a new tradition has been born in several households as a result.

Anyway, whilst I’m relaxing I was checking out Dutch Goes The Photo tuesday Challenge, which is cold and warm.

I was looking our obligatory snow photos when I realised there were plenty photographs of us wrapped up in warm clothing to go out in the cold. So here you have my answer to the cold and warm Photo Challenge.

This is me, this morning wearing my brand new, warm coat that my eldest son gave me.

This is me another day wearing a warm hat.

Two of my children on a cold day wrapping up very warm.

Finally, Sol wearing a very warm hat while the cold snow lay on the ground outside.

13 thoughts on “Cold And Warm Christmas

  1. I’m going a little ‘cold’ on the idea of Christmas dinner myself… you don’t feel like cooking much when it is almost the old ‘century’ temperature outside… salad and ham, or turkey, is the go!

    I don’t eat anywhere near as much as i used to either (maybe all the chocolates i got for Christmas may have something to do with that?? 😉

    Nice matching of Jumper with the new coat collar!! 🙂

    1. And yes, I am over the whole huge effort for Christmas food now anyway, even though Christmas has a true meaning to me there is something inside of me is saying that we just don’t need the over indulgence of food to celebrate the day.

      The matching was more of a lucky coincidence because I didn’t know I was getting the coat when I got dressed in the morning. I thought they looked good together.

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