Christmas Eve’s FOTD

My flower of the day, FOTD, photo is of more canarian flowers. We are home now, but there are still a few more flower photos to share. I loved these, clearly more cultivated as they were in a cultivated area around a shopping centre.


  1. Lwbut

    What a beautiful photo!

    They are bougainvillea and i have two in bloom at the moment. They are extremely vigourous growers and send out very long thick tendrils full of those bright brackts (not actual flowers) if left to their own devices. They must have been very carefully tended to look so neat!

    I’m impressed! 🙂

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      1. Lwbut

        🙂 Truly a Beauty and the Beast though… they can have savage thorns over 6 cm’s long when let grow free and their branches interlock, so pruning them when they are ‘tree’ size is a nightmare – as i found out this year. They grow Really fast here!

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