Hard To Catch Time #timesquare

Today’s #timesquare by Becky is powered by the sunshine in Fuerteventura. I went to a town specially to try photograph this sundial only to discover I wasn’t able to get up to it. I was hoping to stand on the steps of a local building but when I did a post obscured my view. This is the best I could get.

12 thoughts on “Hard To Catch Time #timesquare”

  1. The arrows on the silver sculpture suggests it’s a giant weather vane!? The vertical sundial has to face due South so i’m guessing there was an easterly that morning? 😉

    I’m also thinking no-one ever reads the time as 6 o’clock on that dial??

    Great Pic! 🙂

    1. The wind always seem to blow from the East, you are right there. Not sure the time was right or if I was reading it correctly! I didn’t know sundials could run slow lol.

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