Thursday Doors

Hola! I’m posting this one from vacay. Thursday Doors.

We drove miles over the mountains to a place called Cofete Beach. The views were breathtaking, the drive was heartstopping!

The doors I saw were to a graveyard on the sand.

It was fascinating. With much respect for the dead, the graves had been there a long time.

This is the reverse of those doors, you couldn’t have opened them if you had tried.

The graves were simple.

However, if you could choose where to be buried this would be first choice for many. The view ….


  1. Lwbut

    This could explain the ‘buried body’ comment! 😉

    Nice commentary and photography on the passing of the sands of Time.

    I recall seeing a satellite photograph showing sandstorms from the Sahara blowing over the Atlantic as far as the Canarias!? Maybe some of that sand was once African desert?

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  2. Norm 2.0

    Wow, some stunning shots in this collection. It is truly amazing how nature always takes back spaces we leave untended no matter the climate or landscape.
    Thanks for joining our little group and all the best to you and yours for the holidays 🙂

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