Turkish Allium Siculum FOTD

Last summer I had this very weird tall ‘thing’ growing in my garden. It took me a long time to figure out what it was, I watched it every day and it seems to grow so much every day! It ended up being almost as tall as me, soon the single head opened out into lots of little ‘bells’. This is Turkish Allium Siculum. my entry of FOTD.

10 thoughts on “Turkish Allium Siculum FOTD”

  1. You can dry the seeds and possibly plant more in early spring. I’m not familiar with the flower, we always called it Foxtail. You have a nice garden, the cone plant in back should also have plenty of seeds if you want more of them. Have a great day.

    1. Funny how we have different names for things. The cone plant we call a lupin and it just keeps growing back. The Turkish Allium seems prolific too as this year we got more.

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