MWM #11 boats

This is my first time doing Mid Week Monochrome challenge. The topic is boats, so here it is.

Every photograph has a story …

These boats are in Donegal, Ireland. We stayed their last summer, the little village was tiny and very typically Irish.

In contrast these two boat photographs are taken where I live, in my own village.

This boat is actually part of a film set, it is in a secluded little village that is so tucked away barely anyone knows about it. I love it there as there is no internet signal and the couple of houses that are there only got electric ten years ago. They are used as holiday homes only. It’s truly beautiful and I often chose to go there when it’s my birthday.

This boat made me laugh. When I was in Turkey a couple of months ago I was on a large boat for a trip and this little boat pulled up along side and the guy was selling ice creams. I found this incredibly funny.

This next photo is taken in the location where a well known TV show is filmed. The Game Of ThronEs, however it looks a little different on the show than in real life.

I hope you enjoyed my MWM entry.

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