Following In Footsteps

Following in the footsteps of Cee and her FOTD, where she posted an imperfect rose.

I post a rose, not imperfect though.


      1. Looking for the Light

        One of the ways to keep flowers fresh is take apart, take all the bottom leave and low growth. Add only enough water to cover flowers and another inch. Keep eye on first day. Rearrange and every two days cut the bottom of flowers off by an inch. Keep out of heat and they will last several more days maybe a week.
        I have a simple system, paper towels, if the roses are in good shape I leave them and just lay flat on towel to dry. All other flowers and roses I leave on paper towel until they dry and put in allow zip lock bag. I have years worth, flowers and gardening is my thing. Have a great day.

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  1. Lwbut

    C’monnn… that’s every bit as imperfect as Cee’s Rose! 🙂

    (it’s all down to your personal perspective!) 😉

    What about the two ‘lumpy’ bits at the bottom?? ( and it’s wider than it is tall!) 🙂

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