Hot or Cold

I was thinking that this is an appropriate time for Cee’s B&W challenge for hot and cold. It’s a cold time of year for us, we need to keep warm.

My daughter keeping her feet cool in a paddling pool.

Same girl ready to go out in the cold.

And again, she’s cold in the snow with her brother and our dog.

Snow angels are cold.

And sledging down a hill onto the beach is cold too.

My kitchen sink has hot and cold taps.

My oven is hot and my fridge cold.

The ice on the hockey rink is cold.

This beach is so warm, everyone has taken off their clothes!

Here’s another beach in the heat.

Look up at the hot summer sun.

When it’s warm you might enjoy an ice cream sandwich.

Or if you are my child you might go to McDonalds for a milk shake.

But the best thing I like, is ice in my drink to keep it cool.


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