Rabbit Treat – Beware of Cuteness Overload

My previous post which I posted for Cee’s close up challenge seemed to get a lot of attention. So for those who are interested and wish to see more cute bunny pics, here are some more with a few close ups.

New born babies, rabbits are born with no fur and their eyes closed,

As the days go by they soon look like this little fella, he was called Lucky.

Lucky fell out of or got pushed out of the nest twice.

Each time he appeared to be dead, there was no life in him and he was cold. The first time we set his little body to the side to get disposed of and by chance other half thought he saw his foot twitch. We brought him in the house, I cupped him in my hands and breathed warm air into his face. After a few minutes he came back to life and survived.

This happened a second time, I was prepared and when we found him laying out of the nest in the morning I got a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel. I laid lucky on the warm bottle and breathed in his face again, once again he came back to life. Eventually lucky went away to live with a nice family, but not before he appeared to have a prolapsed bowel or rectum … he seemed to have a catalogue of incidents that happen … which was why we named him Lucky and probably why he kept getting kicked out of the nest. After these incidents we all took it in turns to get up in the night for a couple of weeks to ensure he hadn’t been rejected again.

Then after a few days the rabbits its grow fur and very quickly turn into cute tennis balls.

They are still all in the nest with mommy bunny until they are five or six weeks old.

Then they grow up!

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