Macro Shots CFFC

I have to share the typical macro shots that come to mind when you get up close and personal with a camera. Most of these photographs were taken on my old camera many years ago, I still like them and it’s nice to share. CFFC Close Up Or Macro.

Scroll on down if you want to see a baby bunny!

Told you I had a baby bunny, this one is just days old, his eyes aren’t even open yet.

These bunnies are hours old.

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        1. No, we were in possession of three rescue bunnies that we were told were male. They got on famously and two of the bunnies turned out to be female. Then did you know that a female can be pregnant again immediately after giving birth? We were too slow at extracting the single male rabbit who was having a great time. Everyone we knew got two bunnies each and we bred a litter went to go to national trust forest park through the watchful eye of the ranger. Since then I became an expert in sexing rabbits and was able to neuter all of the males to avoid repeat mistakes. We ended up with four rabbits and we got this beautiful lion head rescue to add to our bunch. They are all gone now, a bird of prey or Fox came in one night and injured one rabbit, the rest died from shock the following day.

          1. Rabbits do what rabbits do best.I am impressed that I know a rabbit sexer lol
            I have the same problem with my chooks…..chickens. There is always a part of nature that wants to eat chickens

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