Love-Hate Relationship And A Pile Of Poop

I have a love-Hate relationship with Christmas time. I love Christmas, I love the fact we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ our Saviour. I love the decorations, I love my family, I love the

I have a love-Hate relationship with Christmas time. I love Christmas, I love the fact we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ our Saviour. I love the decorations, I love my family, I love the events on in my church. I love the food, the giving of gifts, I love receiving too. I love it all!

I love it all – almost!

What I don’t love are people. I don’t mean I hate people, because I don’t, but I don’t love how some behave. Some people think that they are redeemed at Christmas and assume that everything is okay when it’s not.

This is where the hate comes in. I hate how bad I feel over this. I allowed someone to hurt me last Christmas, a friend. This friend turned nasty and threw some below the belt punches directed at me personally and my lifestyle. My homeschooling, sad lifestyle where I have battled grief and depression for a few years. Christmas the last 4 years was excruciatingly painful. My friend targeted me and how I didn’t want to go out some day for a particular occasion. My friend hurt me because I needed to stay home and help my children study for an exam, I was treated like I had a disease because I put my family first. You might wonder why I didn’t want to go out with this friend, because they made me cry on more than one occasion. I am stronger than they are, I am better than that. So I told this friend, goodbye, a month before Christmas last year, and I was sad. I cried a little over the loss but as time went by this year I realised that the friend was a toxic influence on me.

Until a couple of weeks ago when that person texted me out of the blue and asked how I was doing. Stupidly I replied, but I was guarded and said I was doing great and left things at that. Okay, that was it, or so I thought. A couple of days later there was a couple of personal questions, did I do this? Did I do that? Did I get pregnant when I was trying? Clearly they were on a fishing expedition. I replied curtly that I didn’t want to talk. However, those familiar feelings of sadness came to me, I wanted to cry again and for a whole 24 hours I was on the point of breaking down. How can one person do that to me?

Again more questions and as I was at the point of blocking that phone number. Did I want to meet for a coffee? I thought ‘no, I’m not doing this’ and I told that person that they needed to move on and asked them why they wanted to talk to me after all this time. They didn’t like my reply. I have since wished that person ‘best of luck’ and told them I wished to not talk anymore. Just because it’s Christmas and maybe, I have forgiven their actions last year but it doesn’t mean that I have forgotten and nor do I want to revisit that toxic relationship.


And onto the pile of poop part of the story …

I’m not being mean when I lump the story about the friend and the pile of poop into one, just so happened they cropped up at the same time. One story is sad and one is funny.


Onto the poop.

At the weekend my husband and his team organised a movie event where we live for the children. It was held in a hall and there was popcorn, hot chocolate, marshmallows and the works. It turned out to be an excellent and fun afternoon for the local families. The movie was ELF by the way. Anyway, that is only vaguely relevant, but I wanted to give some context.

Because of the event everyone gathered up Christmas decorations and trees and things to decorate the village hall. Onto our contribution, Seb and other half got two big boxes of old decorations in from the garage. I pulled them into the dining room to go through them. I have my little Christmas tree so I dug that out too. Then other half found this old fibre optic tree in the eaves of garage and brought that into the house too.

However the fibre optic tree smelled bad. I told him as much and he was incredulous about it, because of the lengths he had gone to bring that tree down from the rafters. Other half suggested we still use the tree in the church hall but just not plug it in, I told him that was not the point – the tree smelled.

Now this smelly tree was in my house. I made him put it out side, but he didn’t want to so he stood the tree on the front door step under cover at the front of our house. It was there to greet the visitors and he thought it looked pretty.

Until one of the children noted that there was a perfectly formed cat poop sitting on one of the branches. (Hence the smell).

If you were a stranger to my house you are gonna wonder firstly why we had a tree with a poop on it, but secondly don’t you think it’s a curious thing as to how a cat (not my cat) got up the tree and pooped on a branch? And thirdly, why do we have it sitting at the door to greet our guests.

The tree has since been moved.

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  1. Is there any answers to the intrigue of the poop and the tree. I am glad you cut the final tie. Now delete the number. I would have used “friend” in the post.

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