Cee’s B&W challenge is fields this week. There’s no rights or wrongs posted for the requirements so I thought I’d stick to the obvious.

This field is what I see when I stand at the back wall of my back garden.

This is what I see when I look out of the front of my house.

This one is a little way up the road from my house.

Interestingly where I live is steeped in history. Drive a few miles down the road, there is a Neolithic Burial Site, A Dolman. It comprises of 12 visible stones peeking through the ground. Underneath there was 15 bodies unearthed. The burial ground dates back 4000 years which is amazing stuff.

My final photograph was actually taken in the almost dark. It has been enhanced so you can see this heard of deer, when I took it they realised I was there they all came running down the field to greet me. I’m not sure where my other photographs are but I have one showing all their eyes glowing in the twilight. If I find it I will share.

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