Holiday Time Approaching

I’ve been pretty much housebound this week. Other half’s car failed it’s MOT test, there was a patch of rust underneath and it needed fixing. So of course, that meant other half took my car

I’ve been pretty much housebound this week. Other half’s car failed it’s MOT test, there was a patch of rust underneath and it needed fixing. So of course, that meant other half took my car 😏. That left me stranded.

As it worked out I actually wasn’t feeling too well this week so didn’t need to go too far. I am not sure what has been wrong but I think I am getting better. I work from home so I didn’t have to worry about missing work either.

For a few months I have been baby making blankets to go to Malawi, I have made 15 in total. They are now ready to go, in Malawi there are lots of babies who are born in the hill towns. It’s very cold there at night and the people don’t always have a lot. So the blankets are to help keep the babies warm at night. I enjoy crocheting so decided to work on making a bunch to go over. Usually we donate educational supplies as its kind of relevant to our life as home schoolers. Plus we bulk buy all our pens and pencils so it’s not hard to get materials.

This is the final blanket…

I’m not sure what my next project will be, if anyone has any ideas I’d love to hear them. However I did see a Christmas blanket that I fancied making but I think I’ve left it too late to get it done in time. I might make something more generic instead. This is the one …

The pattern is available here. Maybe next year, I’ll put it on my to-do list.


So on with normal life: I have a busy couple weeks ahead of me, like everyone else in the world I have to do my Christmas shopping. I always like to bake and freeze things. Lots of dough for cookies and shortbread, scones and cakes. I have bought some turkey and food in already and frozen it. I wouldn’t normally fuss so early, but I am on a real deadline … I’m off on my travels soon. I am going To Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands. We will be back the day before Christmas Eve, just in time to celebrate the birth of Jesus. 🌞 I’ve been watching the weather forecast closely, let me tell you it’s a whole lot warmer in the Canary Islands than it is where I live. I am looking forward to some winter sun. 🌞 I’ve been to the Canary Islands more times than I can count but this is the first time I’ve been in December, it will Be interesting for me to see how they do the run up to Christmas. I read that the sea is still warm enough to swim in and shorts and tee shirts are very much what can be worn for the weather. This idea pleases me because right now it’s so darn cold and damp where I live. We have a car booked from the airport and the intention is to do some sightseeing. I haven’t toured on this particular island for 12 years, but I did visit it briefly in 2012 though.

If you have the inclination, google the S.S. American star (a wrecked ship), I have photographs of it in it’s entirety. Apparently now, there is hardly anything left of it, I’m interested to go see it and re-do the photographs I took all those years ago.

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  1. This is great! A few years ago I had crocheted several blankets and scarfs to donate to Crisis Ministry where we use to live. It is wonderful to be able to make something and give it to others in need! The blanket you made is beautiful! Do you mind if I ask what the stitch is called or how you do that type? I only know a couple ways to crochet, but I would really LOVE to try this type!! I hope you have a lovely weekend!!

    1. This one is easy once you get going. Obviously you start with a chain. Then DC, DC, chain 3, DC, DC, chain 3 and so on. The next row is 5DC onto each chain 3 gap. I have the pattern if you send me an email by the contact form, I can help you with some instructions and pics too.

      1. This is great! I am currently working on a simple double crochet blanket. I really want to try the one you shared because it is absolutely beautiful! It might be very helpful if you don’t mind sending me the pattern. Hopefully it will get me started. I really appreciate your help!!! My email address is!!
        I hope you are having a great weekend!!

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