It’s quite a good time of year to be looking back, memories by Dutch Goes The Photo has summed it up. Looking back at years gone by and remembering this Christmas and that. Nothing like a sentimental time of year to get people together.

I look back now at how my children have grown, Christmas feels like such a milestone. The children no longer rush to get out of bed in the morning, their gifts are secure regardless.

Going back 22 years this is the eldest baby.

In order of older to youngest …

Toni – that long blonde hair! She was cute too, though I think she’s unimpressed in this photo.

This boy is now 15, he was my monkey toddler.

Sol is now 13, she was very childlike for the longest time ever.

Here’s Toni and Seb, oh how they were so loving back then. Now they are typical teenagers, wouldn’t go near each other.

Just for laughs this is me … (wasn’t I cute? – then I grew up)

If my mum was still alive she might look back at time gone by too. My mum and me ..


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